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What makes HorizonGo special?


Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

HorizonGo gives you real-time, live data from any tablet, phone, or computer, anywhere in the world.


Fully Customizeable

We know that every company is different and unique and offer customizations to tailor fit our software to your company.


Cloud based TMS

Moving your TMS to the cloud gives you the ability to work from anywhere, and never have to worry about going into the office, or losing your data.

Features in HorizonGo



Dispatchers are like air traffic controllers. They’re keeping track of multiple trucks on far-flung trips and need to stay in contact with their “pilots” and help guide them in for a safe landing and safe return home. Dashboard gives them and end-to-end view of all operations. With the Load Board, dispatchers can check every load status in an instant from “Unassigned” to “Delivered” or “Canceled” and everything in between.

Communication Tools-1

Communication Tools

No matter where your drivers are, HorizonGo’s messaging feature allows easy chat-format communication. Dispatchers, owners or however else needs the data have quick access to a complete view of all driver activity or search for specific information. With Action Notes you can see any critical information or a note against driver, tractor, or trailer.

Streamlining Operations (1)-1

Streamlining Operations

The Load Entry module is your one-stop shop for creating and assigning loads to drivers. Once a load is entered it is displayed on the Load Board, where you have easy access to all the key information you need and can track status at every moment of the trip. Check calls have never been easier, allowing drivers to scan and upload documents using their mobile device. Select a date range and to see the check call logs, including load number, driver, check call type, and the number and type of miles.

Live Map View-1

Live Map View

Enhanced process flow shows you in real time the routes every driver is on with a full map display that shows where each driver is at every moment and see at a glance if the trip is on-time or behind schedule. View milage information and access every bit of data you can conceivably need.



Once the load is entered, Scheduler shows what loads are assigned to which driver, which drivers are unassigned, any driver’s HOS data. The display of this information helps you match drivers and loads more efficiently and the drag and drop user interface lets you assign and unassign drivers and make any changes necessary in seconds.

Driver Mobile App (1)-1

Driver Mobile App

Eliminate unnecessary and costly stops by equipping your drivers with the HorizonGo app. Connect your drivers to dispatchers and the rest of the team in real time. Drivers can receive assignments, update load status, send and receive messages in a chat format, record and provide proof of delivery, upload documents and complete check calls. With the mobile app, drivers save time and expenses and can complete their load and head home much faster than before.

Dynamic Reporting-1

Dynamic Reporting

Need to know the number of times a trailer was picked and dropped by a driver? One click shows you the exact trailer information along with the date and time it was picked or dropped by a driver. How about customer revenue, late shipment or milage reports? You name it. From dispatch, billing, settlements or any other reporting you can think of, HorizonGo delivers it with a click.

Billing and Invoicing (1)-1

Billing And Invoicing

By clicking on the “Approved Invoices link,” see all approved invoices. Edit, print, send by email or move to any third party accounting software like Quickbooks with ease. Apply partial or full payments by entering the check number on one or multiple invoices or enter a manual invoice. See new invoices, invoice histories or recall any accounts receivables as needed.

Imaging and Document Scanning-1

Imaging And Document Scanning

With the HorizonGo app, documents can be scanned and uploaded in minutes anywhere, anytime. No more lengthy and burdensome stops to use a last-generation scanner. Drivers or anyone else in the field don’t even have to leave their vehicle to complete these necessary tasks.

Driver Settlements-1

Driver Settlements

Looking to improve driver retention and better manage costs? Drivers/carriers/independent contractors and management alike know at a glance how much the driver has earned in any given trip. Make adjustments, such as adding expenses, in seconds.

Integrations (1)-1


If you use third-party accounting software or other fleet management programs, HorizonGo integrates with those seamlessly.

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