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Trucking is a unique and challenging business. Our blog covers the latest news, ideas and tips to make your job easier.
Chuck Melton
Melton Technologies Announces a Partnership with SatMARS

In the U.S alone, the trucking industry bore the loss of $145 million in..

Chuck Melton
The ELD Mandate Is Coming

As I was browsing through Facebook the other day, I saw a post that..

Chuck Melton
More Changes From FMCSA Mean Less Work for Trucking Companies

Defects in trucking equipment are a major concern for not only fleet owners..

Chuck Melton
2 Major Advantages of Managing Your Fleet Through the Cloud

When it comes to trucking industry technology, there have been a number of..

Chuck Melton
Which is More Important: Your Fleet or Your Truck Drivers?

It’s a classic conundrum that many business owners find themselves facing:..

Chuck Melton
2015 Shaping Up to Be Banner Year for Cloud Services

A recent study produced by Goldman Sachs suggests that 2015 is going to be..

Chuck Melton
3 Things Excel Will Never Do for Your Company

Microsoft Excel has allowed business owners of the world the ability to..

Chuck Melton
The Mobile Fleet Manager: Mobile Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you likely have..

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