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Making it easier for finding and finishing loads in your brokerage operation!

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Finding the right carrier is not always as easy as it sounds. We watched dispatchers deal with carriers and came up with tools to assist them on a day to day basis.

Are you getting calls from new carriers asking for loads? Track it with Available Carriers. We also make it easier for you to provide better service to your carriers. Why? Because if you serve your carriers with the same great service you give your customers, then you’ll get better service from them.

Horizon truck brokerage software makes that possible with Favorite Lanes, tracking where your carriers like to go, and with what equipment.

All of this is possible with Horizon trucking brokerage software.

  1. Find Carriers based on favored or available lanes!
  2. Find Carriers based on history or current shipments
  3. Locate based on origin or destination cities and states
  4. Customize your rate confirmation sheet
  5. Print or fax your confirmation sheet quickly and easily
  6. Quick access to phone and contact information


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