Horizon EDI

The data you need, When you need it.

Horizon EDI takes the complicated process of exchanging data with your customers through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions and simplifies it by presenting everything you need in user friendly, easy to navigate windows. Horizon EDI is fully integrated with the Horizon Suite of modules and currently supports the following EDI transaction documents: 204 Load Tender, 990 Response to Load Tender, 210 Invoice, 214 Shipment Status Message, and 997 Functional Acknowledgement. We also have the ability to handle additional document types as long as the information required for that transaction is supported in Horizon.

Also, with Horizon EDI, you are not limited or restricted to using a single Value Added Network (VAN) or communication strategy. You need to send one document to a customer’s chosen VAN, and receive transactions from a different VAN for a different customer? Horizon EDI handles all of this for you in the background. All you see are the final results; that is, the data you need, when you need it, and in a format that is easily understandable.


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