Automatic rating that makes invoicing fast and easy!

As you manage the day-to-day aspects of your trucking company, you’ll find accounting software can oftentimes be complicated and confusing. However, our trucking software contains accounting features that are easy to use for many of your billing needs. Horizon Billing is a complete accounts receivable system that provides automatic rating, creation of invoices and recording of all accounts receivable transactions as they apply to the trucking industry.

Dispatch Support: Create invoices directly in Billing or have them transfer over automatically from Horizon Dispatch. With only one place to manage data entry, you’ll save time and money!

Customizer Support. Our Customizer allows you to create fully customizable billing lists.

Reports: Virtually all reports and invoice layouts are customizable in Billing, making sure you present your business the way you want.  From Summary Sales Registers to our detailed Aging reports, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in Horizon Billing.

Billing Surcharges: Horizon Billing lets companies fight rising truck fuel costs by setting up surcharges based on customer, pickup or delivery dates and rating codes. In today’s trucking climate, where fuel costs change weekly, only Horizon gives you the right tools to cut down on the management of surcharges, letting your invoices get billed faster and more accurately. Managing your billing with our trucking software can save you money!

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