Horizon Trip Settlements

Settle with company drivers, owner operators, and carriers in one easy to use module!

With Horizon Trip Settlements as an integral part of your trucking company accounting software soluion,  you can create an accurate settlement for each type of resource: driver, owner-operator, truck or carrier. You can cacluate pay by mileage,percentage of revenue or flat amount. Settlements links directly with our Dispatch Software for automatic entry of miles and pay information, and tracking advances, expenses and deductions.

Additionally, Trip Settlements is fully-customizable, with support for Custom Pay Rating schemes to better suit the needs of your company. Use Driver Counters to add additional types of pay and track time used for holiday, vacation, and jury duty. Generate pay based on product information or individual dispatch events.

Enhance Settlements with E-Services like electronic settlement sheets or let your drivers request payroll summaries using their mobile communications devices! Whatever your payroll needs, Trip Settlements can accommodate them!

Horizon Compliance - Avoid Costly Penalties

Horizon Compliance is a powerful addition to the Horizon family of Fleet Management solutions that allows you to record and report on driver logs, ensuring your company's compliance with FMCSA regulations. When combined with our powerful add-ons for Claims & Accidents, Alcohol & Drug Testing as well as Driver Rating, the Horizon Compliance solution provides a company with everything they need to keep up to date on their driver activity and avoid costly fines.

Horizon Compliance also makes it easy for companies to print standardized form letters, either to drivers or to other entries in Horizon. You can use these letters to praise drivers for good performance or to manage them in areas where they need improvement.


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