Empower Your Drivers to Stay Connected

There is often a huge disconnect between the office and drivers. HorizonGo allows drivers to stay connected by giving them a driver app to scan documents instantly, real time data of shipping changes, and direct access to the office.

What happens when drivers get connected?

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Faster Pay

HorizonGo allows drivers to instantly invoice or provide proof of delivery, helping your company and drivers get paid faster.


Less Headaches

With the document scanning feature on the driver's app and live data tracking, HorizonGo eliminates the need to do tedious paperwork slowing drivers down.


Faster Deliveries

If a customer changes the location of a dropoff or pickup, HorizonGo provides real-time, seamless communication between the customer, office, and driver. This helps keep drivers moving rather than idle while waiting for information.

Seamlessly Empower Your Trucking Company


Empower YourDispatchers

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Empower YourBack Office Personnel

Testimonials From Owners

The conversion from desktop to cloud-based TMS, was probably the best decision I have ever made with the main advantage being our dispatch can have access to information 24/7 from any location

Brad James, Owner, Seagate Transportation

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The folks at MTI are firing on all cylinders with their new product HorizonGO and they have been incredibly responsive to new feature requests

Randy Berry, Owner, 2Berry Transportation

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Features That Benefit Drivers

Driver Mobile App (1)-1

Driver Mobile App

Eliminate unnecessary and costly stops by equipping your drivers with the HorizonGo app. Connect your drivers to dispatchers and the rest of the team in real time. Drivers can receive assignments, update load status, send and receive messages in a chat format, record and provide proof of delivery, upload documents and complete check calls. With the mobile app, drivers save time and expenses and can complete their load and head home much faster than before.

Driver Settlements-1

Driver Settlements

Looking to improve driver retention and better manage costs? Drivers/carriers/independent contractors and management alike know at a glance how much the driver has earned in any given trip. Make adjustments, such as adding expenses, in seconds.

Imaging and Document Scanning-1

Imaging And Document Scanning

With the HorizonGo app, documents can be scanned and uploaded in minutes anywhere, anytime. No more lengthy and burdensome stops to use a last-generation scanner. Drivers or anyone else in the field don’t even have to leave their vehicle to complete these necessary tasks.

The market is changing, is your technology changing with it?