Horizon Imaging

An Affordable Solution

Horizon Imaging can take you paperless and start saving time now. Reduce the effort it takes to get the paperwork in your customer’s hands that will get your invoice paid. Stop looking for files that are on someone else’s desk. Start reducing billing errors. Spend a few seconds to scan and index a document and save hours.

  1. Save filing time. Place your filing cabinets one click away from all Horizon Users.  Share and Collaborate across your company

  2. Scan shipment documents, save emails, attachments, photos – Store in Horizon Imaging - Save time and money

  3. Answer customer calls in seconds instead of long hold times while searching for the right file

  4. Cut time and mistakes out of the billing process by recalling images instead of copying and sorting stacks of paper

  5. Run collated print jobs or email invoices that automatically append supporting documents and guarantee your customers get everything they need to pay their invoices on time, the first time

  6. Quickly Search and View driver documents, maintenance records, inspections, or any other documents that need to be managed efficiently



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