Horizon Circle of Service

Communicate with your drivers wherever they are!

Horizon Circle of Service (also known as COS) is your mobile communications link to satellite and cellular tracking, automatically updating your dispatch operator trucking software without any dispatcher intervention. Drivers can also retrieve valuable information such as directions or pay as well as automate the entire check-call process.

Circle of Service™ refers to the circle of activities that a truck goes through on its trips such as acknowledging a load, picking it up, bringing it to final delivery and every step along the way. Using mobile communications and the Circle of Service software, companies can reduce the time it takes to communicate with their drivers and increase their performance!

Only one software product lets you take full advantage of that process! Circle of Service gives you the tools to automate this entire process, so your dispatchers can concentrate on the other aspects of the business! The truck dispatching software automation is the key to success.


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