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Trucking is a unique and challenging business. Our blog covers the latest news, ideas and tips to make your job easier.
The Dispatch Software Demo Evaluation

In today's blog, I am going to answer two very common questions that all..

Successfully making the move from paper logs to an ELD

Ready or not, the time to switch from paper logs to an ELD is here - in..

Chuck Melton
More Changes From FMCSA Mean Less Work for Trucking Companies

Defects in trucking equipment are a major concern for not only fleet owners..

Chuck Melton
What the Republican Congressional Majority May Mean for Trucking


On Tuesday, November 4th, 2014, a power shift occurred in American..

Chuck Melton
4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow & Make Your Fleet Company More Profitable

Cash flow is at the heart of the transportation industry, and nowhere is..

Chuck Melton
Truck Stop Health Care to Reduce Waste & Improve Your Bottom Line

Ensuring that your drivers are healthy isn’t just good business sense; it’s..

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