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Trucking is a unique and challenging business. Our blog covers the latest news, ideas and tips to make your job easier.
Successfully making the move from paper logs to an ELD

Ready or not, the time to switch from paper logs to an ELD is here - in..

Chuck Melton
Roadway Challenges Lead to Bans; Routing Software is the Answer

A mountainous stretch of roadway in Eastern Tennessee will soon be closed to..

Chuck Melton
Sleep Apnea Tech Tackles Dangerous Problem

Across the country, and for many truckers, sleep apnea is a growing problem..

Chuck Melton
Proposed Ban on Hands-Free Phone Use Brings On-Road Distractions Back to the Forefront

In May of 2013, a truck driver ended up in a collision with a train in..

Chuck Melton
Can Technology Reverse the Driver Shortage?

If you’re in the trucking industry, you know all too well the pressures..

Chuck Melton Offers Expert Advice and Opinions Through IdeaXchange recently announced that it will be offering a new area of..

Chuck Melton
Industrial Output Climbs, But is Your Fleet Ready?

September of 2014 saw a 1% rise in industrial output, a gain that hasn’t..

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