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Adnon Khan

Utilizing Information To Make Your Fleet More Profitable

HorizonGo allows drivers to always keep dispatchers in the loop as needed and all the essential information is visible for both shippers and...
Chuck Melton

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud - It's Time

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud, COVID-19, Cost-Effective

The Dispatch Software Demo Evaluation

I am going to answer two very common questions that all trucking dispatch software providers get during the beginning stages of looking for new...
Chuck Melton

Is a Truck Driver Sign-On Bonus Really Effective?

Are you considering a sign-on bonus for your incoming truck drivers? Before you decide, read this first.
Chuck Melton

Could a Little Bit of Turkey Help With Driver Retention?

In an effort to assist truckers in enjoying holidays and driver retention, fleet companies should focus on personalized incentives .. and perhaps...
Chuck Melton

Truck Stop Health Care to Reduce Waste & Improve Your Bottom Line

Truck Stop Health Care announced that it plans to offer physicals at 500 truck stops in the next six months and in 1,500 over the next year.
Chuck Melton

Is a Societal Shift to Blame for the Current Driver Shortage?

Is a societal shift to blame for driver shortages? The blue-collar workforce is getting smaller as technology is changing the trucking industry.
Chuck Melton

Rewarding Your Most Productive Employees

Far too few fleet owners know exactly how to reward productive employees, however creating incentives can cause employees to up their performance!
Chuck Melton

Recruiting Drivers Using Modern Technology

It is vital that companies utilize the power of modern technology in their driver recruiting and retention processes!
Chuck Melton

Economic Outlook Remains Sluggish, But Is There Hope?

As the economic outlook continues to improve, retail orders will increase, allowing trucking companies to hire more drivers and raise wages.

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