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Chuck Melton

Roadway Challenges Lead to Bans; Routing Software is the Answer

Fleet owners must have routing software that can efficiently and effectively allow drivers to get to their destinations while avoiding banned routes
Chuck Melton

How HOS Regulations Affect More Than Just On-Road Freight

The fact is, the nation’s ports are currently clogged up, and HOS regulations are contributing to this growing problem.
Chuck Melton

FMCSA Research Suggests No Harassment Regulations Coming Down the Line

FMCSA Research suggests and that drivers who use ELDs do not experience any more harassment than those who use paper logs.
Chuck Melton

Sleep Apnea Tech Tackles Dangerous Problem

To help identify and combat sleep apnea, the NASTC is turning to technology to irradicate dangers on the road
Chuck Melton

30-Minute Lunch Break Leaving Some Fleet Owners Hungry for Change

Regulations like the 30-min lunch break are creating headaches for the trucking industry.
Chuck Melton

Proposed Ban on Hands-Free Phone Use Brings On-Road Distractions Back to the Forefront

A proposed ban on hands-free phone use brings up questions about technology and distracted truck drivers.
Chuck Melton

Could a Little Bit of Turkey Help With Driver Retention?

In an effort to assist truckers in enjoying holidays and driver retention, fleet companies should focus on personalized incentives .. and perhaps...
Chuck Melton

What the Republican Congressional Majority May Mean for Trucking

What does the Republican Congressional majority mean for the trucking industry?
Chuck Melton

Can Technology Reverse the Driver Shortage?

Many solutions have been suggested to reverse the driver shortage problem, but one seems to stand above them all: technology.
Chuck Melton Offers Expert Advice and Opinions Through IdeaXchange

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