Digitize Your Fleet's Paperwork with a Cloud Based TMS

Drowning in a sea of paper? Rise to the surface. HorizonGo allows you to go digital and access your company's data from anywhere.
Bob Hogan

Have you ever noticed how technology tends to work in historic cycles?

stack of papers

The 19th century saw the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It came to its full fruition in the 20th Century. The 20th Century saw the beginning of the Information Revolution. It is coming to its fruition in the 21st Century. 

Twenty percent of this time period has already elapsed, but many businesses are operating as if they are stuck in the late 1800s.

Desks piled high with paperwork.

Offices overflowing with documents that need to be addressed or filed away.

office of papers

Warehouses chock full of archives.

warehouse of papers

Does this have any resemblance to your operation? Is your invoicing/billing delayed waiting for paper documentation? Are your customers’ payments delayed due to missing or inadequate documents? Is it almost impossible to locate that one piece of paper you need to fulfill a request?  

Join the Digital Revolution

Digital document storage became available in the late 1990s to a wider audience – if you could afford the five-figure price tag associated with the products that made it to market. Then there was the cost of – hopefully – integrating those to your existing back-office system. Even then, those systems did not address getting those elusive pieces of paper into your possession right when you needed them. 

Many different business models sprang up to bridge the gap: Overnight mailing; Kiosk scanning, etc. But pricing and return on investment still made for tough business decisions.

We heard about your frustration and took them to heart.

What if your back office system had a native digital imaging storage and retrieval function built in? What if your mobile assets had the ability to scan a document out in the field and get that to you at the speed of the cloud-driven Internet? And that’s with no additional equipment required other than the smartphone your mobile asset already possesses.

Consider this as well: What if those mobile users could also identify what type of document it was, and which shipment it belonged to? What if those documents were then automatically attached to the invoices for your customers that required them for payment to you? Best of all, what if this was all included in your monthly service contract for little to no extra cost?

This is what we have done in HorizonGO Office and HorizonGO Mobile. Your drivers can scan documents and attach them to a shipment right from their mobile device.

HorizonGo App 1HorizonGo App 2

These automatically get attached to your invoices in HorizonGo Office based on criteria you establish as default for that customer.

HorizonGo Office View 1

Or on the fly, as you are creating the invoice.

HorizonGo Office View 1

Why continue drowning in a sea of paperwork when all of your essential documents can be consolidated, accessed, and transmitted instantly with cloud-powered speed and efficiency? The old, analog way of doing things suited their times, but here in the 21st century, agile companies don’t walk or ride – they fly. 

Let us unshackle you from the past, strap a rocket to your back, and help you operate more profitably from the cloud. 


Bob Hogan
Written by
Bob Hogan

Development Coordination Manager

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