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Chuck Melton

What is the Investment for a Cloud-Based TMS Software for my Fleet?

Is upgrading your software for your trucking company or fleet at 6 figure investment? Read below as Chuck disproves some of the myths associated with...
Chuck Melton

3 Ways Connectivity and Mobility Through the Cloud Can Help Your Fleet

Connectivity and Mobility are more important than ever for trucking companies with fleets of any size. The cloud offers connectivity and mobility...
Chuck Melton

4 Areas That a Cloud Based TMS Can Improve Real Time Data

Your fleet needs real time data in the craziness of 2020. Here are 4 ways a cloud based TMS like HorizonGo, can help your fleet.
Chuck Melton

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud - It's Time

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud, COVID-19, Cost-Effective
Chuck Melton

Melton Technologies Announces a Partnership with SatMARS

This partnership will result in a one-stop shop for all trucking cargo needs in U.S and Europe! A cross-platform integration will bring advanced...
Chuck Melton

The ELD Mandate Is Coming

3 steps you can take to be ready for the ELD Mandate and to do so with confidence. It is our goal to make it easy for you.
Chuck Melton

More Changes From FMCSA Mean Less Work for Trucking Companies

FMCSA has issued a ruling regarding reports from drivers who have found no defects upon inspection. What does this mean for your trucking company?
Chuck Melton

2 Major Advantages of Managing Your Fleet Through the Cloud

Does your trucking company utilize the cloud for communications? Learn about the advantages of managing your fleet through cloud-based technology.
Chuck Melton

Which is More Important: Your Fleet or Your Truck Drivers?

Should you invest in your drivers or your fleet? Find out where fleet managers are best served to concentrate their business investments.
Chuck Melton

Is a Truck Driver Sign-On Bonus Really Effective?

Are you considering a sign-on bonus for your incoming truck drivers? Before you decide, read this first.

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