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Chuck Melton

What is the Investment for a Cloud-Based TMS Software for my Fleet?

Is upgrading your software for your trucking company or fleet at 6 figure investment? Read below as Chuck disproves some of the myths associated with...
Chuck Melton

3 Ways Connectivity and Mobility Through the Cloud Can Help Your Fleet

Connectivity and Mobility are more important than ever for trucking companies with fleets of any size. The cloud offers connectivity and mobility...
Chuck Melton

4 Areas That a Cloud Based TMS Can Improve Real Time Data

Your fleet needs real time data in the craziness of 2020. Here are 4 ways a cloud based TMS like HorizonGo, can help your fleet.
Adnon Khan

Utilizing Information To Make Your Fleet More Profitable

HorizonGo allows drivers to always keep dispatchers in the loop as needed and all the essential information is visible for both shippers and...
Bob Hogan

Digitize Your Fleet's Paperwork with a Cloud Based TMS

Your drivers can scan documents and attach them to a shipment right from their mobile device.
Susan Johnson

Quickly and Efficiently Scheduling Your Fleet

Fast, efficient scheduling requires instant information. HorizonGo is the dispatching solution that provides it
Chuck Melton

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud - It's Time

Managing Your Fleet in the Cloud, COVID-19, Cost-Effective
Chuck Melton

Melton Technologies Announces a Partnership with SatMARS

This partnership will result in a one-stop shop for all trucking cargo needs in U.S and Europe! A cross-platform integration will bring advanced...

Top 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Dispatch Software

If you ever ask yourself if your Dispatch Software is doing everything you need it to do, this is the blog for you! Are you ready to optimize your...

The Dispatch Software Demo Evaluation

I am going to answer two very common questions that all trucking dispatch software providers get during the beginning stages of looking for new...

An Annual Reflection and Projection

As good as 2017 was, we are excited about the software updates coming to you in 2018. We'd like to take a moment and go through these past exciting...

Successfully making the move from paper logs to an ELD

Not ready for the ELD Mandate compliance regulations? There's good news in the ELD Mandate for you. Let's get you ready!
Chuck Melton

The ELD Mandate Is Coming

3 steps you can take to be ready for the ELD Mandate and to do so with confidence. It is our goal to make it easy for you.
Chuck Melton

More Changes From FMCSA Mean Less Work for Trucking Companies

FMCSA has issued a ruling regarding reports from drivers who have found no defects upon inspection. What does this mean for your trucking company?
Chuck Melton

2 Major Advantages of Managing Your Fleet Through the Cloud

Does your trucking company utilize the cloud for communications? Learn about the advantages of managing your fleet through cloud-based technology.
Chuck Melton

Which is More Important: Your Fleet or Your Truck Drivers?

Should you invest in your drivers or your fleet? Find out where fleet managers are best served to concentrate their business investments.
Chuck Melton

Is a Truck Driver Sign-On Bonus Really Effective?

Are you considering a sign-on bonus for your incoming truck drivers? Before you decide, read this first.
Chuck Melton

2015 Shaping Up to Be Banner Year for Cloud Services

2015 will be a big year for Cloud Services and SaaS. See what this means in 2015 for your business.
Chuck Melton

3 Things Excel Will Never Do for Your Company

Excel is a solid tool for businesses, but can't efficiently handle all data management. Find out what Excel will never be able to do for your company.
Chuck Melton

The Mobile Fleet Manager: Mobile Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

Mobile technology is more than just current technology and a wave of the future; it's also a solid solution for fleet managers to serve their company.
Chuck Melton

Roadway Challenges Lead to Bans; Routing Software is the Answer

Fleet owners must have routing software that can efficiently and effectively allow drivers to get to their destinations while avoiding banned routes
Chuck Melton

How HOS Regulations Affect More Than Just On-Road Freight

The fact is, the nation’s ports are currently clogged up, and HOS regulations are contributing to this growing problem.
Chuck Melton

FMCSA Research Suggests No Harassment Regulations Coming Down the Line

FMCSA Research suggests and that drivers who use ELDs do not experience any more harassment than those who use paper logs.
Chuck Melton

Sleep Apnea Tech Tackles Dangerous Problem

To help identify and combat sleep apnea, the NASTC is turning to technology to irradicate dangers on the road
Chuck Melton

30-Minute Lunch Break Leaving Some Fleet Owners Hungry for Change

Regulations like the 30-min lunch break are creating headaches for the trucking industry.
Chuck Melton

Proposed Ban on Hands-Free Phone Use Brings On-Road Distractions Back to the Forefront

A proposed ban on hands-free phone use brings up questions about technology and distracted truck drivers.
Chuck Melton

Could a Little Bit of Turkey Help With Driver Retention?

In an effort to assist truckers in enjoying holidays and driver retention, fleet companies should focus on personalized incentives .. and perhaps...
Chuck Melton

What the Republican Congressional Majority May Mean for Trucking

What does the Republican Congressional majority mean for the trucking industry?
Chuck Melton

Can Technology Reverse the Driver Shortage?

Many solutions have been suggested to reverse the driver shortage problem, but one seems to stand above them all: technology.
Chuck Melton Offers Expert Advice and Opinions Through IdeaXchange

IdeaXchange provides a fantastic opportunity for fleet owners to keep up with the trucking industry, namely cloud computing and cloud-based software.
Chuck Melton

Consumers Expect Free Shipping, Transport Evolution on the Horizon

By taking advantage of cloud technology now, your company will be more prepared for shipping changes and the faster transport evolution on the horizon
Chuck Melton

Industrial Output Climbs, But is Your Fleet Ready?

As industrial output climbs, the trucking industry will need to be connected. Cloud-based technology will be key in meeting demand efficiently.
Chuck Melton

HOS Regulations Continue to Concern, Cloud Computing May Be the Answer

With HOS Regulations concerns prevalent, cloud computing may be the answer that will save your fleet company time and money.
Chuck Melton

Engage Your Representative, But Embrace Technology

If you embrace technology, you can get ahead now and be ready for new HOS regulations and whatever the future holds for the trucking industry.
Chuck Melton

4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow & Make Your Fleet Company More Profitable

Check out 4 ways to improve cash flow and make your fleet company more profitable, namely technology!
Chuck Melton

Are FMCSA Hours of Service Rules Helping or Hurting the Trucking Industry?

FMCSA officially put into place new hours of service rules (HOS). Are these rules helping or hurting the trucking industry?
Chuck Melton

Truck Stop Health Care to Reduce Waste & Improve Your Bottom Line

Truck Stop Health Care announced that it plans to offer physicals at 500 truck stops in the next six months and in 1,500 over the next year.
Chuck Melton

Is a Societal Shift to Blame for the Current Driver Shortage?

Is a societal shift to blame for driver shortages? The blue-collar workforce is getting smaller as technology is changing the trucking industry.
Chuck Melton

Hacking is a Major Security Concern in the Trucking Industry

Hacking and other security concerns are at the forefront of the trucking technology movement lately.
Chuck Melton

A New and Free eBook Documents Benefits of Trucking Technology

The question is: How trucking technology will affect bottom lines for trucking and fleet companies who are embracing the future?
Chuck Melton

What You Need to Know About Changes in Shipment Tracking Technology

To stay competitive, fleet owners have to keep up to date with the latest in trucking technology, this includes shipment tracking technology.
Chuck Melton

Rewarding Your Most Productive Employees

Far too few fleet owners know exactly how to reward productive employees, however creating incentives can cause employees to up their performance!
Chuck Melton

Narrowing in on Information Through Telematics Systems

Modern telematics systems offer so much data that it is easy to allow important information slip by, it pays for fleet owners have a narrow focus.
Chuck Melton

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Systems May Be in Your Future

A mandate has been proposed that would require passenger vehicles and trucks to include vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology in the future.
Chuck Melton

An Old Transportation Technology is New Again

In an effort to reduce pollution and increase trucking efficiency, there are plans to install a catenary trucking system in the Los Angeles area.
Chuck Melton

Brake Inspection Blitz is Coming – Is Your Fleet Ready?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will conduct brake system inspections throughout North America in the coming weeks. Is your fleet ready?
Chuck Melton

Diesel Prices Drop, but Keep an Eye on the Middle East

Fleet owners are now enjoying a savings on diesel - over five cents per gallon when compared to the first week of August 2013.
Chuck Melton

Trucking’s Future Looks Great for Those Willing to Adapt with Technology

The ATA predicts revenues for the industry will grow 72% while tonnage will grow 23.5% in the next 10 years for those willing to adapt with technology
Chuck Melton

Costs and Benefits of Trucking Technology Discussed in Free Webinar

The recent rise of trucking technology is changing the face of the trucking industry. Attend a free Webinar all about it!
Chuck Melton

Recruiting Drivers Using Modern Technology

It is vital that companies utilize the power of modern technology in their driver recruiting and retention processes!
Chuck Melton

Changes Ahead for Safety Management System’s Website

Fleet owners should be prepared as changes will occur soon on Safety Management and System's (SMS) website.
Chuck Melton

Hidden Consequences May Cause You to Rethink Installing a Fuel Tank

Installing a fuel tank in the yard or obtaining fuel from outside sources? It's important to consider is how to account for the fuel being used.
Chuck Melton

Economic Outlook Remains Sluggish, But Is There Hope?

As the economic outlook continues to improve, retail orders will increase, allowing trucking companies to hire more drivers and raise wages.
Chuck Melton

Can Technology Make Your Fleet More Profitable?

If you’re waiting on new technology for your fleet, you may actually be losing money instead making your fleet more profitable.
Chuck Melton

Drivers Stay Connected Through Tablets

At Melton Technologies there is a growing need for software and cloud-based computing solutions. Discover how drivers are connected through tablets.
Chuck Melton

Are Self-Driving Trucks the Way of the Future?

The trucking industry is in for a futuristic shakeup in the coming decades thanks to self driving trucks!
Chuck Melton

The Pros and Cons of EOBR

EOBR technology is hotly contested in the trucking industry, and most discussions revolve around drawbacks. There are positive points, however.
Chuck Melton

Don’t Let Mobile Technology Lead to Distracted Driving

Mobile technology benefits truckers and trucking companies but can cause accidents and deaths. Don't let mobile technology distract you while driving.
Chuck Melton

Active Shale Plays Add to Driver Shortage Stress

Active shale plays are producing natural gas that was thought unobtainable. While good for the industry, driver shortages are worse and prices higher.
Chuck Melton

Harassed by an ELD?

Harassment concerns about the ELD mandate include privacy, filing complaints against owners, and possibly being forced into unsafe conditions.
Chuck Melton

Driver Recruiting and Retention - Another View

When it comes to driver recruiting and retention a business's best interest to strive for driver and family friendly communication systems.
Chuck Melton

ATRI Survey Suggests Hours of Service Rules Hurting Carriers and Drivers

ATRI Survey indicates Drivers and Carriers are hurting since the new Hours of Service Rules have been enacted.

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